Richmond Olympic Oval

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Richmond Olympic Oval

Richmond, BC, Canada
City of Richmond
Electrical Engineering Consulting Services
LEED® Silver Certification

The Richmond Skating Oval was the venue for the 2010 Olympic Games. The 6.5-acre facility houses a 400-meter speed skating track and seating for approximately 8,000 spectators during the scheduled sixteen Olympic events. In post-legacy use, the structure provides the City of Richmond with: NHL or International ice rinks and short track speed skating, indoor sport field house for basketball, volleyball, tennis or badminton, high performance training area, wellness centre, fitness centre, academic space, sports medicine and sciences area, and offices.

The $178-million Oval terms of reference required a very flexible high performance lighting system due to the myriad of potential uses. SMP, with their AGi Light Modeling system, modeled over 36 different scenarios of usage. The program was used to vary light types, locations and suspension methods for the various utilizations of the Oval. Rigid VANOC, IOC and International Skating Union design standards for competition venues were adhered to. As well, sport specific lighting requirements for televising events were also incorporated.

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