Emergency Services

Royal Vista Multi Facility Fire Station

Project Details

Royal Vista Multi Facility Fire Station


Calgary, AB, Canada


City of Calgary/Calgary Fire Department




Electrical Engineering Consulting Services


LEED® Gold Certified

Completed in August of 2016, the Royal Vista Multi Facility Fire Station became the second fire station in Calgary to be built and certified LEED Gold. The multi-service station is home to the Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Police Services, Animal & Bylaw Services, and Alberta Health Services. Along with these services, there is also a community board room that further connects the facility to the neighborhood.

This was a challenging project as each service had a unique set of standards and requirements that needed to be incorporated into the building. As these departments are independent of each other, it was imperative that the operational necessities of one department not affect the other departments. The design has worked in allowing these departments to service this community out of the same building with no conflict.

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